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17 November 2010 @ 07:01 am
And there were blessings!  
I am truly blessed. I have no day that doesn't have shiny moments and yesterday was no exception.

1. air_n_darkness came to my rescue when I couldn't help my own self.
2. Coven night!
3. Got to meet a wonderful lady. Hope she keeps coming!
4. Help in the kitchen and removing the rug from the livingroom (rug,, not carpet. Long story but I don't have to trip! YEAH!!!)
5. Kitchen so clean didn't recognize it this am. Thought the Brownies had been here! LOL!
6. THe awesomeness that is my coven putting up with me.
7. My best friend who keeps me cheerful, let's me cry and yells at me when I need it. I hope I can repay her someday.