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16 November 2010 @ 06:53 am
1. That is a terrible pun: Today IS Tuesday. heheheheh
2. Had an mri yesterday on my back. Why a yeah? THis crazy ol' lady SLEPT through it w/o drugs! It was a breeze!
3. Moving a bit better!
4. I cooked supper from scratch! Still need help, but I got it!
5. MY phone has a clip on it. Really. THis is a major shiny as I can put it on my shirt and walk around without having to worry about how far away the phone is.
6. I am in love with my Gopher! I played with it yesterday to see what I could do. Amazing! Cats don't like it. LOL!
7. Fighting with the cats over the heating pad. I win. But it IS funny! MIdnight is the worst: she curls up on it even if it isn't going because it reflects her body heat. LOL!

Gonna be a good day today!